Hi I’m Sarah Pope, and one of my favorite things to do is to capture this beautiful life through photography. As I grow older it seems that time goes by at a faster and faster pace but, I love looking back and remembering those special moments preserved through photographs. They are sure to bring a smile to my face. Through A Sharper Focus I hope to share that same joy with you!

I am also a wife, friend and teacher. I love being creative not only with my camera, but in the kitchen, painting, drawing, sewing, and every once and a while in a ballet class. Being able to share my creativity with others is so much fun and I especially love working with children. The children in my art classes continuously amaze me with their boundless imaginations! This is also one of the reasons I love taking photos of children. Each stage as they grow is so new and amazing, and it’s exciting to capture their personalities at each step along the way.

I feel privileged to take photos for you, your family and friends and getting to celebrate those special moments in life. I’d love to hear from you to schedule your own personalized session.

Want to know more about me? Check out my personal blog here: www.asharperfocus.com